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Thread: Modeling forums

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    Modeling forums

    Are there any Traffic / transportation demand modeling forums similar to cyburbia?

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    Jan 2006
    ITE has several Listserv's, but I think that you have to be a member of each to access them (e.g. I have access to a transportation planning Listserv but there is no discussion group on modeling).

    Also check out http://tmip.fhwa.dot.gov/. Not sure if there are forums like this one, but there is a good deal of information aimed at improving modelling.

    Finally, check with the company that distributes the software. Each one (TransCAD, VISUM, CUBE...) may have their own forum. For VISUM, http://forums.ptvamerica.com/archive....php/f-31.html. You can also check with the software provider through FAQs or e-mail tech support. For TransCAD see http://www.caliper.com/ovusware.htm. Tech support is sometimes very helpful and sometimes not at all.

    I'm not sure how good it is, but you could search through http://www.eng-tips.com/index.cfm
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    Thanks that's awesome

    I'm new to modeling, I've only done a couple of travel demand models; and I really want to get deeper into it. I've used TransCAD when I did my masters, but right now I can't afford it, so I end up doing everything manually

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