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Thread: City Slogans and/or Branding

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    Dec 1998

    City Slogans and/or Branding

    This morning, I came across a city slogan that has me completely mystified - "Covington......You'll cross a bridge when you come to it."

    Umm...okay.....I do know that you have to cross a bridge to get there, but am I missing the bigger meaning here?

    Are there any other city slogans or brands that don't make any sense whatsoever? FWIW, this old thread discusses the process of branding.
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    Mar 1996
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    The first thing that popped into my head was Tisdale, Saskatchewan. "The Land of Rape and Honey".

    Yeah, I know it means "rapeseed", bit still ...
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    May 2005
    New Town
    Well, I don't know if anything tops Dan's post. Dang!

    Anyhoo, New Mexico's state slogan is "It Grows as it Goes" Ummm...ok... I really don't know what that means or why it should apply to us more than any other place or, well, why it was chosen to begin with.

    Trenton's is "Trenton Makes, the World Takes" which was supposed to refer to its industrial prowess. Now its just confusing because, really, there is a lot that Trenton makes that the world would be happy to just leave right there in town...

    That's all I've got. Still, I think Dan just closed the thread with that one. I have no idea what rapeseed is, but I can't see why anyone would ever choose to abbreviate is simply as rape. Is there a town that makes milking machines and acetate? They could be called The Land of Teats and A$$...
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    Jun 2009
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    ^^I find the "Crimestoppers" sign to be a bit ironic.

    I believe Reno's slogan is "The Biggest Little City in the World". That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, either.
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    Jan 2006
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    I was born in "Iowa's Most Exciting City". That explains it.

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