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Thread: Arcology built with modern technology

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    Quote Originally posted by prometheuspan View post
    I am multiply competent in many different fields and the only thing you have demonstrated that you are good at is being a jerk.

    the spammer is you. Do us all a favor and leave this thread, you clearly do not have and never did have a contribution to make to it.
    Moderator note:
    From the rules:

    2.10 Heated discussion and flaming
    •  Threads about sensitive topics may get heated. Users are free to express their views in a forceful manner, provided they remain composed, civil and respectful, even with topics they are passionate about.
    •  Flaming, name-calling or making ad hominem attacks against other users is not permitted; unless the subjected user is being a true jerk. Criticize ideas, not people.
    •  Constructive criticism is acceptable if it is tactful and sincere. Belittling or condescending attitudes are unacceptable.

    Yellow card. Please don't do this again.

    Moderator note:
    We discourage short posts with no meaningful content. However, an extremely long post without breaks between thoughts and subtopics may be overlooked by those who are otherwise interested in the subject. If you're posting a long message, please edit it so it's readable and more easily digestible by the very busy members of this site. Consider other forum members, and use punctuation and paragraph breaks.

    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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    Aug 2010
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    i have endured repeated ad hominem attacks from this guy, and hes being a REAL

    The situation is very simple. He had bad information and I corrected him on it. Instead of being adult about it he decided to take it personally.

    At this point, it seems increasingly unlikely that assuming good faith makes sense.

    Hes not merely ignorant, he knows better. He a propaganda purveyor and hes an ideologue.

    If this was not so, he would have attempted to counter with facts and information, not personal attacks or attempted manipulations and not by flagging down a moderator to complain about a situation he created.

    The manner in which he has tended this "disagreement" tells me that he is intellectually dishonest and that he isn't afraid to go out on a limb to be manipulative. Hes trying to bully me quiet, not discuss the truth and has made no effort at all to counter my points which are self evidently true.

    He is driving this conversation off topic, and from the looks of things that means that he has driven off the original poster and frustrated them into thinking their ideas had no merit; all to support the coal and oil propaganda machine.

    Posting detailed information to get this thread back on topic then is the responsible, moral, sane, thing to do, and if it seems like quite a bit of information then maybe its not for those who can't manage the attention span.

    I'm interested in open source collaboration and science facts, not arguing with propaganda warriors and ideologues and pawns for the oil and coal corporations.

    Is this site capable of supporting a meaningful depth conversation and real collaboration, or is it so deep in with the jerks and trolls that by keeping them as pets all of the quality people have gone on?

    I don't know what a yellow card is and I don't play sports or have any interest in them aside from martial arts. The metaphor is thus a bit vague for me.

    If there is anyone on this site capable of having an adult conversation about Arcologies, now would be the time for them to step forward.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Quote Originally posted by prometheuspan View post
    i have endured repeated ad hominem attacks from this guy, and hes being a REAL
    jerk ...
    Moderator note:
    Perhaps you should focus your energies on learning how to play nicely with others and follow generally-accepted internet etiquette instead of prattling on endlessly about how fantastic you are and how we should all be basking in your greatness.

    Go find another sandbox to shit in, please.

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