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Thread: RFP section?

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    RFP section?

    I think that Cyburbia should have an RFP section, don't you?

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    That would be great!!!!

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    Jun 2010
    Alexandria VA


    An RFP section would be very helpfull for us consultants........Could there be a link page to jurisdictions and agencies and their RFP websites?

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    One big problem is finding and maintaining the thousands of links to sites with RFPs. The biggest reason for giving up the Resource Directory (link directory) was that the URL of planning-related sites changed or went stale too often. It was impossible to keep a manually maintained directory of planning-related sites.

    Users are more than welcome to start a thread with links to RFP sites. I'll make it a sticky in one of the subforums, like Career Development and Advice.
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