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Thread: Landscaping a Median???

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    Aug 2001

    Landscaping a Median???

    I do not have a background in landscape design and I am in charge of landscaping the City's Main Street/CBD. The landscaping will actually be done in the median of the 4 lane street. Traffic speeds range from 45 to 30mph. I am looking for websites, books, ideas, etc. I am kind of leaning towards planting of trees, and using a grant to help off set the costs...

    Any help would be appreciated, THANKS!

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Just make sure that the electric company has not run their lines down the center of the median. It happened here, even though we always planned to landscape it.

    There are many good sources of information, including some on the web. The Federal Highway Administration has a number of good publications. I find Arborquest.com to be an excellent resource. It lets you specify the intended uses, size, qualities such as flower or fall color, hardiness zone, etc., and suggests a list of possible plants.

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    Oct 2000
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    The City of Saratgoa Springs, NY just completed a boulevard style median on one of their main entrances to the city and it came out very well. You may want to contact their planning office for more information.

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