I've glanced at moving to Denver lately, especially after a conference visit there last August and in seeing a job listing there. Is anyone familiar with FasTracks, RTD or Blueprint Denver? What are people's impressions of different municipalities, agencies there? What's Denver Council of Regional Governments (DRCOG) like? I know they're the MPO for the area, as well as a traditional COG.

In my experience (TN, SC), MPOs, and especially COGs, don't seem to really do much, or at least get much respect, interest from local governments. Is DRCOG different, akin more to a Metro [Portland, Ore.] or Metropolitan Council [Twin Cities] regional agency that has some teeth, actual implementation, etc.? I saw a Wikipedia listing noting that DRCOG was instrumental in the I-25 TREX project, which seems pretty cool and substantive.

If anyone has thoughts on working for an MPO, or COG, particularly DRCOG, I'm all ears. I'm also interested to hear pros/cons of Mayor Hickenlooper, FasTracks, RTD, Greenprint Denver and any other Denver-area planning thoughts. Oh yeah, what's it like living there? Cost of living, etc.?

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