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Thread: The Michigan oil spill thread

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    May 2004
    Grand Rapids, Michigan (Detroit ex-pat since 2004)

    The Michigan oil spill thread


    Shows the map of the 30-inch pipeline that runs from Indiana to Ontario.

    Needless to say, many volunteers have stepped forward to assist with wildlife efforts. Because this is undiluted crude, there are many links regarding its toxicity.

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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    It is now being reported that homes along the river are being evacuated and the company responsible for the spill is doubling the size of the clean-up crew. This is a tragedy, especially if the oil reaches Lake Michigan.


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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    Folks around here are still kinda in shock right now. I know I've been. It's been getting more and more 'real', though, as I've fielded about my 10th 'can I drink the water' call today.

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    Apr 2006
    Promoting synergies...
    It is sad that this is the third worst oil spill right now in the US.
    "You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it,..." -Bane

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    Until we learn to girl our loins of our dependency on oil, this is going to keep on happening.

    And I'm not talking about electric cars or solar energy or some such happy horse$hit.

    We need to reduce are dependence on driving, period. Simply put, we need to have sustainable, affordable, communities where we don't have to drive everywhere. How hard can it be? But 99% of juristictions still adhere to '50s-style planning and zoning where the automobile is king and everything else be damned.

    Until we get rid of these wasteful measures and the thongs of attending idiots in power that are privy to it, it's going to keep on hurting. There are just too many suck-ups to lobbyists in the energy/automobile/construction industry. The BP and Michigan oil spills are only the beginning.

    Kind of like the old joke, where the one guy sees another guy repeatedly hitting himself in the head with a hammer. So he asks: "Why do you keep hitting yourself in the head with that hammer?"

    "Because it feels so good when I stop."

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