Fellow planners:
I am working on a project to engage planners and local elected officials with local food system producers to integrate local food systems into community plans and policies. As you know there has been a dramatic increase in interest in local food systems (LFS) around the country in the past several years. I am defining LFS as "growing food within 100 miles of a community with local processing, packaging, and marketing, for local consumption".

Please RESPOND to me if:
(1) Your city or county has considered or adopted (or is in the process of studying or adopting) comp plan language, ordinances, or any other regulations related to local food systems.
(2) You have an interest in local food systems.
Send your responses to: alanv (AT) iastate (DOT) edu

I will share information from the project with all who are interested and contact me.

Thank you. Alan Vandehaar, Iowa State University Extension