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Thread: Development in Green Wedge Zone Victoria

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    Apr 2010
    Rockingham WA

    Development in Green Wedge Zone Victoria

    I am interested to see what people know about the current situation on the Mornington Peninsula. There is a 20ha parcel of land, currently leased for farming purposes in the rural zone. It has cattle grazing currently, and no house built on the parcel. It has always been used as farmland, and was part of a larger farm, distributed as a deceased estate. There is some discussion currently as to whether the local council would approve a dwelling on this block. It has no overlays (conservation plans) on it apart from the green wedge zoning. Am I correct in thinking a house would only be approved if it could be proved that an onsite manager was required for the agricultural enterprise? What type of agriculture is allowed? I am also wondering whether anyone has successfully claimed compensation for injurious affection in these areas of Melbourne as their property rights have been eroded. There are many much smaller parcels of land in this zone that can now not be built on and have been rendered worthless.
    I believe in the concepts of the green wedge, but the local council appears to have a very set view of what is acceptable. What about a land for wildlife property? options?

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    Jun 2010
    A similar dilemna has emerged in the Macedon Ranges SC over the past few years. Much of the shire has been zoned Rural Conservation, which pursuant to the local planning regs and the 5 or 6 overlays that cover the shire, requires properties under 40 ha. to submit detailsed planning reports, environmental management plans, land capaility reports, flora and fauna surveys, house plans, neighbourhood and design responses (these are mostly bush blocks), vegetation management schedules and wildfire management plans, in order to get a planning permit. There are many absentee landowners (rate payers) who cannot sell their land without a permit, and cannot afford the $$$ to commission all the reports needed. Like the Mornington Penninsular, I think Macedon needs a long term, strategic rethink of how its' quite commendable environmental planning controls relate to the ability of thier ratepayers to make economic decisions or freely sell their assets, lest they become worthless.

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