Hello everyone. I'm currently a Second semester Junior (I'll be graduating Fall 2011) Psychology major, Gender Studies minor at Lewis and Clark, a small private, liberal arts college in Portland, Oregon. As my undergraduate education is quickly coming to an end, I've started doing some serious research into grad school, and think planning is right up my alley. In starting to explore this as a possibility, I've come up with some questions that you all may be able to shed some light on.

I was first wondering if anyone had any opinions or thoughts on Urban Planning and Public Health dual-degree programs. The intersection between the two disciplines is incredibly interesting to me, however I'm curious to know if the extra schooling required (usually an extra year for the few programs that I've researched) will pay off career wise, or if I'm just going to be putting myself in even greater debt without gaining much of a competitive edge.

As I'm from Oregon, and currently living in Portland, the PSU program would seem like a natural choice (in state tuition, plus they have a dual MURP/MPH program). I'm wondering about people's opinions regarding it. I would most likely be wanting to focus on Community Development, something that PSU does well I've heard. Any insight on difficulties being accepted, what would make a stronger resume/application, how they are in accepting students straight out of undergrad?

I suppose I'm wondering those last two questions just in general in regards to building a stronger resume while in undergrad, in order to apply immediately following. My school does not offer any courses in planning, so I'm trying to come up with anything related. So far I'm signed up for a poli sci class this coming term, and I'll be taking intro to econ the term after, and I've already taken stats. Anything else you guys can recommend?

I e-mailed PSU with some similar questions a few days ago, so we'll see what they have to say, but I figured insight from as many sources possible is usually a good idea.