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Thread: MIT and Columbia

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    MIT and Columbia

    What's the average stats for acceptance into their MBA in real estate program? I want to start a brokerage firm and later be a developer.

    Are those two schools the best for my goal? Are they expensive, do they offer scholarships, etc.?

    BTW, I go to a state school, but my grades are phenomenal.

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    Dec 2008
    Chowtown, USA
    Come on pal, put a little effort into googling you before you post! There isn't an MBA in real estate at MIT and I know nothing about Columbia. If you look or make a simple phone call I'm sure they will be happy to tell you their acceptance rates and whatever else.

    For what it's worth you have to be an absolute superstar to be accepted to either of those business schools straight from undergrad. The vast majority of top-ranked MBA students have 2-5 years of working experience, including those who went to ivy league caliber schools for undergrad.

    Yes they are very expensive and don't generally offer scholarships unless you are one of the absolute superstars, because most graduates make a lot of money after they leave and universities make a lot of money on their MBA programs.

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