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Thread: A little help for book library

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    A little help for book library

    Hello everyone! I've visited this forum for a long time. I like how the information in it is arranged and provided. So I would ask you for some help.
    I want to create a book catalog for my urban students' association. And I was wondering how it will be better to categorized books, either on semesters (first, second, ets.) or on area of urban planning, such as town planning, rural plannig, urban desing, etc.

    Thanks in advance! I'll happy be happy to read your answers!

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    May 2008
    Surf Jock City
    Sorry you haven't had any responses. I think it would be easier both to organize and to find books by using a topic system.

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003
    Either way would be ok but be sure to cross reference to the other.

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