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Thread: How to receive data (latitude,longitude) from mobile's gps to my PC ?

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    How to receive data (latitude,longitude) from mobile's gps to my PC ?

    Hi All,
    i'm very hoppy t in this forum.
    i have some questions that i can't to get answers from google engine
    I am developing and application to track mobile (GSM mobile) using gps.
    I have questions related to this topic:
    How to receive data (latitude,longitude) from mobile's gps to My PC ?
    Is the location information of mobile transmitted during calling ?
    what is the required equipment to connect my pc to mobile network (GSM network) ?
    NOTE : i want from this equipment to receive data (latitude,longitude) from mobile (which gps enabled ) to My PC during calling ?

    can you help me
    and thanks you so much

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    Nov 2009
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    You should consult the Technical Support center for the product you are trying to use.

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    Mar 2009
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    Need more info like what type of phone, data cable, file structure and etc.

    If it is an iPhone you can use a 3rd party app, email the waypoints / tracks in GPX or KML format.

    There is a new app called Signal for the iphone, it gives you the locations / information of cell towers in your vicinity / the ones you are using, overlaid onto google maps.

    There are plenty of web based apps that people have developed that can track your phone using cell towers and A-GPS. Most notably, MobileMe and Undercover.

    There is also an app called call data that displays the suburb the call originated from landline phones
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