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    Aug 2010
    Sunny VTA


    Hi all! I'm really excited about joining the group! I've been peeking around some of the discussions and I really like all the great insight and the occasional "chaff"! I'm a young professional in construction considering a move into urban planning and development. I am thinking about going back to school for a masters, although from some of the discussions I've read, it seems like planning is in as much turmoil as construction is. In any case, my favorite video game is Sim City and I don't want to have to build the same half-baked and out-of-place office complex for the rest of my life, so I thought I might be among like-minded people? Looking forward to being part of the group and contributing where I can. I may have some questions about schools and programs so I'll check out the students forum as well. Happy Friday!

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    Greetings from the Hoosier state, hard by the Ohio River.

    Thanks for registering, see you 'round the forums!

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    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio! I would guess many around here loved Sim City and found a nice way to parlay that into a job. Good work on joining on a Friday! Enjoy!
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    Dec 2008
    Northern Utah
    Welcome from the Rockies. Good to have you around.
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    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    Hello, from Dallas, TX!
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