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Thread: Legalese speaking

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    Aug 2010
    West Allis, WI

    Legalese speaking

    Umm. Hello.

    I'm currently studying to be a paralegal, and stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago when I was doing a Bing search. Lurked a little, thought I'd register.

    Just a guy from West Allis, WI here. (it's locally called 'stallis, and is the lower middle class suburb of Milwaukee best known for hosting the State Fair). I like it though. It's very walkable, and the local government is going a good job of reinventing the former manufacturing economy. There's alot of small town feel here. Everyone knows everyone, and families don't venture far. (I live a few blocks from the first house my parernts had when I ws born, which is the same house my dad grew up in).

    So, hello.

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    Dec 2008
    Northern Utah
    Pull up a chair, glad to have you. Hello from the West.
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    Mar 2002
    Welcome from an inner ring burb of Washington DC
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    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio. Paralegal huh? Do you do work in the Zoning field? Enjoy!
    A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. -Douglas Adams

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    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    Hello, from Dallas, TX!
    "We do not need any other Tutankhamun's tomb with all its treasures. We need context. We need understanding. We need knowledge of historical events to tie them together. We don't know much. Of course we know a lot, but it is context that's missing, not treasures." - Werner Herzog, in Archaeology, March/April 2011

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