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Thread: NC APA Laefest

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    Oct 2005

    NC APA Laefest

    Afternoon all,

    For my North Carolina planners attending the State APA Chapter conference at the end of September in New Bern, would there be interest in getting together for a small laefest after one of the days of sessions?

    I will be driving each day to the conference since it is only an hour away so I cannot partake too much but would love to meet you all. I will assemble a list of places to consider, New Bern is not that large and everything should be walkable from the conference location and hotels.

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    Mar 2005
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    In a an eariler thread beach bum said she isn't coming and I haven't heard anything from jmello or others. I'll be there starting with the golf tourney on Wednesday at Cherry Point. Thursday is probably the standard reception. We can get together Wednesday evening or Thursday during the after-reception outings.
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    Jul 2007
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    Yup, I will not be going this year and I dont think anyone from my muni is going either. Ya'll stay safe on the coast this weekend!

    I will possibly be heading to the Pres NC conference in Durham though at the end of the month, not that I expect to meet any of you there!

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