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Thread: Polli-brick building for Flora Expo Taipei 2010

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    Dec 2009
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    Polli-brick building for Flora Expo Taipei 2010

    There is a building being built in Taipei for the Flora Expo in 2010. It is walls and roof is made out of 100% recycled plastic bricks called Polli-bricks.
    These innovative bricks are made by Miniwiz S.E.D.
    The bricks interlock to create a large structure that can withstand many extreme weather conditions. Also, the bricks can be filled with all sorts of materials.
    The building is quite pretty.

    One thing that I think is especially cool is that there is a water fountain on one side for cooling in the building. The whole design is ecofriendly, even the air ventilation.

    Here's a picture of it:

    Hope you like this

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    Does the water actually run down the facade to create evaporative cooling? James Wines of SITE did that years ago on one of their BEST products stores. I saw him speak at a conference and he said it cooled the store so effectively that they rarely had to run the AC. I suppose its a good alternative in areas that are not short on water.

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    Polli-Brick & Exterior Waterfall Cooling

    I wandered across this post on a google search and joined the forum. Hello everybody!

    I happen to know the people who are doing this Polli-Brick structure. Yes. They plan to have a waterfall. There is only one small portion of the structure that must have grid power. Everything else, I mean everything, tries to be grid-free, reduce, reuse and recycle. The picture you see above looks nice. But, I really am curious to see what the actual building will look like. More than that, will it really be cool and comfortable in the hot, humid Taipei Summertime? We will know in about 8-9 months. Overall, cool idea. Let's hope it works as it could/should.

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    I doubt that this building will be able to hold up against Typhoon winds that Taiwan gets...

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    Polli-Brick Eco Ark Pavilion in Taipei

    Taiwan does indeed get frequent typhoons. What I know of this building is that it is to be built to permanent building codes by order of the government and that the Polli-Brick was tested for its ability to withstand this sort of lateral wind stress. The building is due to be completed by Spring. So, it will have a whole Summer to prove itself prior to the opening of the Flora Expo. So, one could assume that there will be a chance for this material to show its capabilities before too long.

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    Looks like they finished the building. According to the newspaper, it withstands typhoons, etc. There is a picture too. http://www.chinapost.com.tw/taiwan/l...wan-builds.htm

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    the building looks great but do you know where we will actually get a chance to have a look at the building?

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    The official kick off of the Eco Ark Pavilion is scheduled for 4th June, 2010. The building has finished testing its embedded LED technology that will be run on Solar Power. I hear that the water cooling system is operational too. So, tomorrow a VIP ceremony will be held and there will be an official 'Lighting Ceremony'. I suppose it will be covered by local newspapers. Look for it. It should be really cool. I don't know what will happen in the building prior to the kick off of the International Flower Show. But, the building itself will be operational from 4th June.

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    EcoARK is complete! There are some amazing pictures of it on the net,
    there are some photo albums on photobucket that you can check out.


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    Polli-Brick and Eco Ark Building in Details

    This article and video gives a richer idea of how this material is used and where it comes from.


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