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Thread: a (purely hypothetical) ethical question involving walking and a can of light beer

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    Dec 2008
    Northern Utah
    Quote Originally posted by Bear Up North View post
    . I started sauntering southwest. As I walked away from the beach at the campground the towel came off and became a turbin on my head.
    My return walk gave Mister Sun a chance to shine his occasionally deadly rays on my bare backside. As I guzzled the beer I sauntered back to camp, not realizing that I had severely burned my bear bare butt.

    .....and that's how you do a "beer walk", "bear style".

    I want you tell the truth, BUN, is your real identity Farley Mowat? When you publish your memoirs I really need a copy.
    "...I would never try to tick Hink off. He kinda intimidates me. He's quite butch, you know." - Maister

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    Apr 2004
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    I bought an 18 pack on Pabst to get me through the weekend of 90 degree days and moving river rock into the backyard.

    I am still on recession-era beer for the time being.

    Since the main premise of the thread was walking with a can of beer, I have been known to stop by the beer store on my way home from work and dig through the "ice bucket" for cheap single cans of beer. Usually a regular Budweiser or something. Sometimes I buy a 6 or 12 pack and break into it on the way home too.
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