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Thread: new to the forum...and to urban planning

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    Sep 2010
    Woods Cross, UT

    new to the forum...and to urban planning

    i have enjoyed reading some of the threads posted. I am a recent recipient of a bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies at the U of Utah. As much as I enjoyed the major, there were a number of things that i didn't get too excited about. I am very interested in the well-being of communities and cities. I strongly believe that the interrelationship between environments-humans is reciprocal and often tenuous. Architecture is often "in the clouds" and doesn't address the larger scope of our cities. I was very turned off with the perceived arrogance and dominance-complexes of many of the architects I met. I guess they have to be that way to sell themselves.

    anyway, I am highly considering pursuing a master's degree in Urban Planning with an emphasis in community development.

    I would appreciate any additional advice and thoughts on the field of planning. I would like to know what professionals love and dislike about their careers in planning. It is hard to know what you want in life when you haven't experienced everything in the world!

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    Aug 2005
    Hello, from New York! There is a wealth of information on these boards. Just don't listen to The_One - he's high on life.

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    Dec 2008
    Northern Utah
    Hey there, and welcome. You're in my neck of the woods (literally, Woods Cross High alum.)

    Welcome to Cyburbia, and to planning. If I can be of any help to you with anything locally as you look at the industry let me know.
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    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio! Take a look around. Check out the student forums to discuss topics related to student planning issues. We also have multiple forums over a range of topics. Ask a question and dive on in. Great to have you!
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    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    Hello, from Dallas, TX!
    "We do not need any other Tutankhamun's tomb with all its treasures. We need context. We need understanding. We need knowledge of historical events to tie them together. We don't know much. Of course we know a lot, but it is context that's missing, not treasures." - Werner Herzog, in Archaeology, March/April 2011

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