Hi everyone, I have been lurking here for a while, trying to sort out if planning was right for me and how/if I fit in.

I have just completed a MA in Public Policy and Admin after spending two years in Hong Kong, and I find my interest in urban public policy and transportation has really taken off.

As such, I am considering entering into a PhD program for Planning for Sept. 2011, and my interest right from the start will be to secure a job in the academy. Being a Professor has always been something I could see myself doing during my years in Political Science...

But the job prospects for recent doctoral graduates seem daunting at best, with many articles going so far as to totally advocate against PhD studies in disciplines like the humanities.

Just wondering if the rich body of knowledge on this site can help point me in the right direction.

Some background info - I am in Toronto, and would really only attempt to enter the U of T planning program, with the ultimate goal to be cross-appointed in Planning/Poli Sci/Public Policy as a professor.

What do you think?