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Thread: Apartment and condominium construction make gains, SFH construction lags

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    Apartment and condominium construction make gains, SFH construction lags

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Home construction increased last month and applications for building permits also grew. The gains were driven mainly by apartment and condominium construction, not the much larger single-family homes sector.


    Could this be a signs of a shift in the American housing market? Nahh

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    Dec 2011
    Umatilla, Oregon
    So I have been watching the same trends in the Seattle and Portland areas of the last few years. A large home builder in Portland recently decided not to do housing tracts anymore, but to do only higher density infill projects. Also, condo and apartment projects in Seattle (mostly in transit served neighborhoods) is going off like mad, while sfh's are still sitting vacant. I assume that sooner or later things will balance out a bit, but I do believe there is a demographic shift that has happened that won't be reversed soon.

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