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Thread: Graduate students and luck with finding work

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    Jun 2010

    Graduate students and luck with finding work

    Hey all,

    I'm currently an undergrad and thinking about either attending grad school right away or working after school for a bit in an unrelated sector. Anyway, to those of you who are currently in grad programs or have just completed grad programs:
    How has was it a) finding an internship in between your 1st and 2nd year, and/or b) finding a job upon graduation.

    I'm not completely clueless and do realize the job market is bleak right now. I suppose i'm more curious bout that first question regarding internships which i know is often a requirement of many grad programs. Hope everyone is fairing the lousy economic climate, good luck guys and thanks!

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    Jul 2008
    An internship was not particularly hard to land through my school but that was because of the connections my program has with local planning agencies. My particular summer internship extended into the school year which makes things a bit better financially. This type of thing obviously depends largely on the school. Also many of my classmates sought internships outside the area and seemed to be able to get them without too much problem, though some were unpaid.

    Then employment after graduation, I haven't reached that point yet but a couple people that recently graduated from my program did get hired permanently by some local planning agencies. As I understand, most are still unemployed though.

    As for whether you want to do graduate school directly after undergrad. Just keep in mind graduate school is quite a bit more challenging if you're still burned out from undergrad. That's kind of the situation I'm in but I don't regret not taking a break since I wouldn't have been able to land a job in a decent time frame anyway.

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    Jul 2010
    milwaukee, wi
    Internships are not too hard to come by, but the paid ones are few and far between. About 15 of 20 from last years graduating class are employed. Everyone, even the most motivated individuals, received several rejection letters before landing something.

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