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Thread: APA Job Board

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    Jun 2010
    Northeast, USA

    APA Job Board

    Is anybody else having trouble accessing jobs on the APA National Website?
    When I got there all I get told is "to get a listing on the RSS Feed you must be a member."


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    Nov 2002
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    I follow it using a RSS feed reader, and haven't had any problems.
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    May 2002
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    Just be patient and let the page continue to load. Sometimes it takes over a minute for it to load on my computer. The APA website has always been a very slow site (in many ways!).
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    Mar 2004
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    The CM tool is just as terrible. Its almost like they told the IT guy to make it as hard to load and as useless as possible.
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    Dec 2006
    Quote Originally posted by DetroitPlanner View post
    The CM tool is just as terrible. Its almost like they told the IT guy to make it as hard to load and as useless as possible.
    AICP is supposedly working on this. I registed all of the sessions for my state APA conferenence (which is next week) back in early August. AICP told me to hold off making changes until after the activity was approved. THEN they told me to wait until the new dashboard went into effect 9/1. NOW the IT department is STILL working on the database updates. Fortunately the vast majority of the sessions are on there BUT I have several other bios and rescheduling to do. I guess I will have to make an annoucement at the conference to hold off on doing this. Oh well-
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