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Thread: Flea market parking requirements

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    Flea market parking requirements

    Does anyone have parking requirements for an outdoor flea market? Thanks! John

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    Quote Originally posted by johnelsden View post
    Does anyone have parking requirements for an outdoor flea market? Thanks! John

    Isn't it accessory to an established principal use?

    The only 24/365 more-or-less flea market I know of is one open "mall" in L.A.s Chinatown, 818 N. Broadway, and they have zero off-street parking. Good luck there.
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    Flea market parking


    I notice you're getting an overwhelming amount of advice on how much parking you should require for an outdoor flea market

    I needed to add this to an ordinance once but no longer have access to the magic answer. They have since rewritten the entire code.

    But the rough methodology I used was to suppose that the outdoor flea market was indoors and require the same amount of parking as for an indoor antique establishment of the same size. If you have examples of outdoor flea markets in your area, go check them out and observe any differences between the outdoor situation and a similar business indoors. (For instance, in my area the outdoor flea markets don't have any partitions, so there tends to be a bit of space between the backs of sales areas, just to keep things separate, as compared to the situation where a partition allows display of merchandise all the way to the rear of each booth.) If you feel that observed differences warrant a change in parking, create that rationale in writing and make mathematical adjustments.

    But my experience was that the outdoor flea market operated pretty much like an indoor antique/junk-tique store, and I think you could safely apply the same parking ratio. Doing so will require that the flea market declare their maximum leaseable space, and prior to giving your approval, consider whether their declared leaseable space is plausible given the site conditions. Or will they allow vendors to spill over to other parts of an open area?

    In our area we have several former drive-in theaters that are now large weekend flea markets in the warmer months. They are not accessory to any other use.

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