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Thread: Examples of good economic development websites

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    Mar 2007
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    Examples of good economic development websites

    I am looking for examples of good municipal (state, regional, county, or local) that are generally considered to be at least "good" or useful from a site selection professional's or small business owner's point of view.

    I know the criteria of "good" is totally subjective and what we as planners might consider useful information to have readily available online might be considered wasted bandwidth by somebody looking to relocate, retain, or expand a business in a certain geography.

    Do firms even really care what a local government website has to offer? Any evidence, beyond page count hits and document downloads, that shows that they even check these sites out?
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    Still relatively new, working out some issues on information updating with the consultant...but the site selector seems to be working well from the feedback we've received so far.
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    I can't direct you to any economic development website that is outstanding. The key to a good one would be to provide access to information that is not available through other web or government sources. As for site selection tools, the target audience is a very small or solo business who is probably already familiar with the area already. Larger businesses, and particularly ones outside of the area, are going to use a commercial realtor or site selection professional who will either contact you for a proposal, or more likely start their search with Loopnet or Costar.
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    I think gisplanning.com creates some great ED sites. They have links to the pages they have created. They are pricey to create and maintain.
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