Greetings Cyburbanites,

I've decided to make urban planning my career and I'm excited about moving forward in this noble field. I would like some advice about the admissions process in being accepted into a master's program, most likely in Europe.

A bit about me - I graduated in 2006 with a psychology degree (still wondering if I'll ever make use of those four years) and a minor in econ from the University of Minnesota. My final GPA was a sterling 2.77. Immediately after graduating I moved to the UK to hang out and work. Eventually I found myself in sunny Spain where I taught English for a couple years. Now I'm back stateside and ready to re-enter the fray of academia.

It seems I have (at least) two options moving forward and this is what I would like an opinion on: Is it better to enroll as a non-degree seeking undergrad and take only the key, prerequisite courses that admissions departments are looking for (GIS, urban studies, math) and stave off going into the world of massive student debt - or - Go all out and pursue an additional bachelor's of science in geography. It would only take one year if I attended the same university as I've already knocked out all the lib ed requirements. Needless to say this track is a great deal more expensive but would surely make the master's admission process endlessly smoother.

Regardless of whether I get another bachelor's I realize that before I have any real chance at being accepted I'll need professional/research experience (of which I have none) and some professor recommendations (also none at the moment).

One more question - does anyone know of a more or less definitive list of planning master's programs throughout Europe? Furthermore, any personal experience studying in the old world?

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to lend me your hard earned knowledge. Have a great day.