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Thread: "Urban affairs" degrees

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    "Urban affairs" degrees

    Aside from the obvious drawback of no accreditation, what are the other drawbacks to this?

    Boston U and Loyola both have programs claiming it trains (urbanists), whatever that is, but for somebody w/ a low GPA, maybe a year Master's in Urban affairs is better than a semester as a special student?

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    When I was in grad school, there was the urban planning program that I was in, and an urban affairs program that wasn't part of the School of Architecture and Planning (Buffalo), but rather a freestanding department. There were some join classes, but they tended to focus on politics, consensus building, and the like; not so much nuts-and-bolts planning.

    When I think of urban affairs, I don't think of planning, the built environment, urban systems and the like, but rather community development (housing and job development programs and the like), pubic administration, and neighborhood organizing, typically with a strong urban/inner city focus. IMHO, it's more policy- and people-oriented than place-oriented.

    Cleveland State's accredited planning program is really more of a planning/urban affairs hybrid. It's probably the most policy wonkish planning program out there. CSU is really looking to boost their out-of-state enrollment; they're promoting in-state tuition to prospective students in the Buffalo area.
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