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Thread: Advice: Studying in Canada, working in the Midwest?

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    Advice: Studying in Canada, working in the Midwest?

    I'm getting my bachelors in planning in Denmark, and eventually want to move home to Milwaukee (or maybe Chicago/Madison/Minneapolis) to work in transportation or land use planning. I've been thinking about going to UWM or UIC for a MUP, but I'm not 100% ready to move back yet (wasn't too impressed with UWM either).

    In that end, I was thinking about applying in Canada (probably either someplace in Toronto or McGill). Is it realistic to try and study there, work for a little while, and move back to the Midwest? How important is it to take your masters in the same place you want to work? Is there a big curriculum difference between schools in Canada and the US?

    Thanks in advance...

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    Dec 2009
    Oakland, CA
    I am in my first year as a student at Mcgill University and originally from Detroit.

    There are major differences in the curriculum between U of T and McGill so I would recommend emailing professors from both. U of T seemed more research driven where McGill is heavy on studio work. Unless you are fluent in French, working in Montreal will be a challenge.

    I will most likely go where ever I can land a job afterward since I have student loans to pay back. The program is small with only 22 students in our class and you will need to be very self motivated, especially as far as networking for internships and jobs.

    Overall I am happy with the program. McGill University graduates are known for hitting the ground running, according to planners I have talked to.

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