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Thread: Help a student: EV survey and public transportation

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    Oct 2010
    Ann Arbor, MI

    Help a student: EV survey and public transportation

    My MBA group is working on a project for a start-up EV company, CMC. If you have a few minutes, could you help us by taking this consumer interest survey on electric scooters:


    For this forum I have one additional question. We are considering an approach similar to zip car, but with scooters placed at various public transit stations (subway, bus, etc.) to rent to go the last mile or so where public transit may not reach. Any thoughts on effectiveness? reducing traffic? encouraging public transit usage? improving green living?


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    Aug 2006
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    I went through your survey up until the point where it asked if I would buy a scooter. I said no, as I probably wouldn't. I might rent one, though.

    But, the survey did not take into account my answer, and the next series of questions were about how I would use the scooter, why I would buy it (I wouldn't), my criteria for buying one, who i would buy it from, etc. In short, a bunch of questions I shouldn't have to answer because I don't want to buy a scooter. So, I stopped taking the survey.

    When you make a survey and you want people to answer a series of questions based on a previous question, you shouldn't expose the respondent to a bunch of questions that aren't related to their choice. For computer-based surveys, this is trivial to do. Also, If I wouldn't buy a scooter, but might rent one occasionally, that is an important piece of information for a zip car-type service.

    I recommend that you revamp your survey.

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