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Thread: Transit-oriented development

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    Transit-oriented development

    Hi everyone,

    I'm applying for Fall 2011 and know that I would really like to study transit-oriented development, particularly designing high-density, walkable communities centered around mass transit.

    I've been assuming all along that this means I should specialize/concentrate in Transportation Planning, so I've been focusing on schools with this strength, and mentioned this in all my personal statements, etc.

    However, I just realized recently that maybe this is more of a Land Use or Environmental topic? I know it's possible to change a concentration at any time, so I'm not worried about that so much as just knowing where I should be putting my focus, looking at schools that specialize in the right area, and reaching out to faculty who study my interest.

    Anyone know where TOD tends to fall - Transportation or Land Use - from experience in their program?? Thanks!!

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    Jul 2008
    TODs can fall under a number of categories so I'd check with the individual programs. From my experience, TODs fall under urban design, transportation, and economic development. Many other specializations look at TODs as well due to their effects on reducing automobile usage and sprawl. Land use is more of a generic specialization so you may or may not get a lot of exposure to it there.

    My advice if you're interested in TODs is do a bit of research on areas that have a lot of TODs, then focus on schools in those areas. Also worth noting some places have experienced greater success with TODs than others. The places that have experienced lesser success definitely know what the issues are so they're certainly good learning material.
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