Conference attendees,

A number of you who attended the Wednesday sessions have experienced difficulty logging your law and ethics credits from last week's conference. If you tried logging your credits prior to this morning your law and ethics were probably added to your total credits, but you did not receive the required "law" or "ethics" credits (1.5 each). We've contacted APA national and the problem seems to be fixed; however, you may need to go back into your account and re-enter some information. I received the following message from Alisa Moore with APA National:

The AICP Annual Ethics Review and AICP Annual Planning Law Review sessions have been updated and will now calculate the general CM credits including ethics or law credit appropriately.

For members who have already recorded these to their CM log, my suggestion to update the ethics or law credit is either editing the session and then click to submit (again) so the credits adjust or delete the session and re-log. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you.

Gary Taylor, J.D., AICP
Professional Development Officer, APA Iowa
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