Hi peoples

I'm in the field of Transport planning and currently exploring the options of working overseas and if its viable. The 2 places ive earmarked are London and Singapore. Im currently living in Melbourne. Australia.

Just to give u a background I'm currently working in Transport Planning/Engineering, i have a Bachelors degree in planning and doing a masters in transport planning/eng (i finish this year). I've currently have 2.5 years post graduate experience plus i did another 2 years of work during my studies in local government just as a planner.

What i'd like to know is....

1) How much money can i expect in either Singapore/London ?
2) Should i try gain some more experience before jet setting off or is 2-3 years sufficient?
3) Are the wages in most countries severally depressed from the GFC? Australia wasn't hit so hard and the wages over here are pretty good. Im currently on $65000 AUD per year (which is 65k USD, 40 000 pounds) per year. Can i expect this sort of wage overseas?
4) Do the wages start off low when moving country but rise quickly? (Ive heard some ppl say this with the UK).

Alot of the recruitment sites ive been looking at in the UK seem to offer wages around 25k pounds and only 30k pounds for a senior....which to me seems very low. I dont know if the recruiters just try be stingey with some job adds or if this is a reflection of the market. I heard stories of planners contracting and earning 50k pounds a year but that was during the boom. So not sure if thats still doable. Singapore jobs dont seem to offer any $ figure so its hard to gauge.

Anyway any advice which could point me in the right direction, or even perhaps information of other locations which may offer the big $ (Dubai, China?). Would really like to hear stories of other ppl who have uprooted and gone overseas and made it work.