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Thread: Alma mater - Clemson University

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    Alma mater - Clemson University

    I'm just giving a shout out to my alma matter - Clemson University - for getting a good ranking in the Planetizen guide to graduate urban planning programs. Our program tends to fly under the radar with Georgia Tech and UNC nearby, but it's nice to get some recognition and get the word out about a great school with a supportive faculty.


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    excellent. I've really been looking hard at Clemson lately for MUP.

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    Jan 2008
    St. Louis, MO
    they also have a great mens rugby program!

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    Feel free to PM me if you want more information about the program.

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    Feb 2002
    As good a well-rounded, comprehensive, generalist program as there is out there.

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    Nov 2009
    Columbia, SC

    Soon to be Clemson MCRP student

    Hey guys,

    I am currently considering Clemson as my number one choice for my graduate work in planning. I just graduated with a BS in geography and for a short time was working toward my masters in public administration. It turns out I hated public administration.

    I was just wanting to chat with someone about the Clemson program and help me to lessen my worries about the program and graduate school in general. I love planning and want nothing more than to bleed orange the rest of my life and therefore I am seeking some help in preparing myself to do so.


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    Jul 2008
    I'm in the program now. There's not a whole lot to say that hasn't already been said. The school has a good generalist program that is more practitioner oriented. The program is held in high regards in the state. If you want to work in planning in SC, Clemson is where you're going to want to go to school. You'll have the opportunity to explore most areas of the planning field here but you'll probably not be able to go in to as much depth as you could in more specialized programs.

    All in all, I've been happy with the program. Their financial aid is also top notch. I'd say most students end up with assistantships, many with local planning agencies, though these haven't been as plentiful in recent years.

    If you got anymore questions, just shoot me a PM.

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