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Thread: Chances at grad school admission to selected schools

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    Nov 2010
    Milwaukee, WI

    Chances at grad school admission to selected schools

    I am currently a senior at UW-Milwaukee majoring in geography(urban track) with a minor in economics and certificate in urban planning(similar to another minor). My overall GPA is about 3.1, but will most likely rise after this semester because I am doing well in all my classes. My GPA in my urban planing classes is about 3.7 and about 3.5 in geography. I am also a manager at a restaurant that is on-campus and I work about 25 hours a week on top of 15 credits. I haven't had a chance to do any internships, however. I am taking my GRE next week so my score I'm sure will be a determinant of whether or not I'll be accepted. I'm not in any clubs really, as I spend most of my free time playing basketball and working out. Listed below are the schools I plan on applying to, please let me know my chances of getting in:

    1.University of Louisville
    2.University of Texas - Arlington
    3.Ohio State University
    4.South Florida University
    5.University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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    Difficult question

    Impossible to say. Especially without any GRE scores posted. Success in grad school correlates strongly with good GRE scores. Good GRE scores will excuse a number of faults, as will a really good "Statement of Purpose".

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    Ohio State doesn't require the GRE if you have an undergrad GPA over 3.0 I believe. They might have upped that number since I was there.

    I think that the GRE is really a horrible test of how you will do in grad school. Undergrad you balance lots of random things going on, but in grad school it is really about what you are learning. Unless you want to take a random class on literature, you don't have to. Personally I believe the Statement of Purpose is the real selling point other than GPA and to a lesser extent GRE.

    Find a school that fits you. Talk to professors first and get to understand the place. I don't think anyone can give you a chance of getting in, but really you just have to prove why you are a good candidate. If you aren't then you need to do things that round you out more, like volunteer or join some associations. Good luck.
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