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Thread: How competitive are MURP programs?

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    Oct 2010
    washington d.c.

    How competitive are MURP programs?

    Hi everyone,

    I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school. I want to study Urban planning (specifically urban revitalization). I would like to get some feedback regarding how competitive some of these programs are. My GPA was right at 3.0, I am taking the GRE next month and I have no marketable experience or education in the field. However, I am familiar with many of the issues being addressed in the field and I feel very confident in my ability to excel immediately in any of these programs. At this point I know that I will be applying to University of Illinois - Chicago, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, and the University of Texas. VCU is my top choice at this point because I live in Virginia (price) and I would prefer to study in an urban environment.

    Any input you could contribute would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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    I can't answer regarding the competitiveness of those programs because I didn't apply to any of them.

    If you are able to translate your confidence about the field into your statement of purpose, you should be fine. Don't worry about having experience in the field; most applicants do not and most schools do not require applicants to have experience.

    I would suggest applying to Virginia Tech as well. They have a program in Alexandria, VA that would fulfill your desire to study in an urban environment and allow you to get in-state tuition.

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    niko3314: Your GPA is a little low, but not fatally so. Do well on the GRE and you should be fine. Write a quality statement of purpose. List the issues you are familiar with, how you are familiar with them, and why you feel you will do well. Emphasize why you feel you are a good match with the school.

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