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Thread: Does anyone have a sample of a personal statement?

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    Nov 2010

    Does anyone have a sample of a personal statement?

    hi guys, I'm just about to apply to a masters of urban planning, they require a personal statement... i've written one but im not completely confident of it, was wondering if you guys could help me out. if anyone has a sample personal statement for urban planning that would be great

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    You personal statement should be easy. Make it about you and your experiences. Relate it to why you want to go to the university. If they have a page or word limit, write as much as you need to get your feelings/thoughts/ideas across then edit after.

    A personal statement is just like a cover letter for a resume - make it memorable, but forgetful. Strong, but understated. About you, but about everyone. You want to connect and be unique, but not the crazy guy who wrote about alpacas... good luck!
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    Dec 2004
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    One thing I wish I had known when I was applying for planning school was the importance of the personal statement to the overall package. It is probably the single most important piece of information the admissions committee reviews. Do not fall into the trap of writing a single statement, and sending it to every school. Tailor each application to the department. What are your goals? How will school X help you reach them? What resources in the department are you excited to take advantage of? What concentration/initiative/center/lab/etc. would help you with your goals for a planning education?

    At highly competitive schools, this is really important. If your entire letter is a generic statement of how much you love sustainability, this will do absolutely nothing to make you stand out as a candidate that the school wants to admit. If your statement begins with a really well reasoned explanation of why your background and interests lead you towards a study of sustainability, and then goes on to discuss how well school X fits in your personal and professional journey towards a career in planning for sustainability, I think you would do much better.

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