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Thread: The Internet Company Blues

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    The Internet Company Blues

    I just moved into a new home, and I ordered a TV-internet package. I am having satellite TV and a DSL internet. The TV people came, put the dish on the house and we are watching TV now, they were wonderful.

    The internet provider was supposed to send me a modem and I would plug it into the phone jack and computer and then follow the directions on the computer screen. Sounds pretty easy. They forgot to send the modem, so I dutifully called. I was talking to a computer and it took three different interations before I spoke to a real person. I told them that I didn't get the modem, they insisted that I did, I read them the packing slip that was included in the package they did send, which was the direction to set up the system. After 5 minutes of telling the person that I was not making this up, I would fax the packing slip to them I finally convinced them that I had not gotten the modem. They supposedly ordered the modem and then told me they would send me an email with all the information. I then asked them how was I supposed to get the email if I didn't have internet service. They didn't know what to do and they hung up on me.

    I won't say what company I'm dealing with but they have no customer service.

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    Jan 2005
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    I have never had luck with internet companies. I was doing pretty well with Verizon - but now that I have been sold to Frontier, my service has begun to be horrible. Time Warner was really bad, I am glad I am not dealing with them anymore...

    As an aside, I would pay extra to never have to talk to an automated machine while trying to reach customer service. Sure I could press 1 seventy times to get where i want, or I could press 0 twice and ask to go where I want. Ugh.
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    We're looking at going with Clearwire's 4G wimax that blankets our metro area. But we're afraid to pull the trigger because we don't know of anyone else who has it in our city.
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