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Thread: Documentation for HUD environmental statutory worksheet

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    Aug 2005

    Documentation for HUD environmental statutory worksheet

    I'm in the process of completing my first Statutory Worksheet as part of an environmental review for a project receiving CDBG funds.

    The worksheet requires adequate documentation. What sources do you use to document your findings?

    For example, one of the compliance areas is Wild and Scenic Rivers. There is only 1 designated Wild and Scenic River in New York. It is located in the far east of our county, nowhere near the project site. What would you consider adequate documentation for such a fact? My PD and I were debating acceptable documentation. He wanted bare minimums, I wanted overkill. After all, my name and signature will be on the documents.

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    Aug 2002
    I haven't done a CDBG environmental review in years, but from what I can remember, you can document your findings with:

    - correspondence to and from an official indicating (for example) that they have no record of endangered species on the site
    - maps from reliable agencies or organizations with relevant information (e.g., locations of wild & scenic rivers, sole source aquifers, etc.)
    - pages from documents, or web pages, with relevant information
    - copies of municipal policies

    It's not much, but I hope this helps.

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