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Thread: Master Programs in Denmark and Amsterdam

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    Dec 2012
    Chicago, Il and Phoenix, AZ

    Master Programs in Denmark and Amsterdam

    I want to apply to these masters programs in denmark and amsterdam, but before I do, I want to make sure I'm qualified or have a chance at receiving scholarships/grants. Here are the program websites:




    My GPA is almost 3.8, I'm graduating with a bachelors of sci in urban planning with a minor of sustainability from Arizona State University, I still haven't taken the GRE because I don't know if it's required. And I'm not sure about professor recommendations. I still haven't had an internship, but I'm looking for one.

    If you guys have any info about international masters programs, like if they're even worth it, or any other info and/or comparisons. Any information will help me!


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    I haven't done any masters work in Denmark, but I did do my undergrad in Urban Planning and Teksam at Roskilde University outside Copenhagen. It may have changed in the past few years, but in 2007-08 it was pretty hard to get scholarships to go to school over there since all EU students get free tuition. That may have improved though. I'd also give the warning that an education in planning in Denmark outside of one of the architecture schools is (from my knowledge) generally pretty theoretical and won't prepare you to come back and work in the US as a planner.

    In terms of admissions, Aalborg isn't very competitive so I wouldn't think you'd have any trouble getting in. You might try looking at the programs in Copenhagen, too. I know that Roskilde and Copenhagen both offer English language programs. You don't need to take the GRE for Denmark and I've never heard of them asking for recommendations.

    Hope that helps. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions about Aalborg.

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