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Thread: Herbivores of the world unite

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    Feb 2004
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    Herbivores of the world unite

    We haven't had a thread about vegetarianism for several years and there are some newer members who may number among the ranks of herbivores.

    Why do you or don't you follow a vegetarian diet? And if you do follow a vegetarian diet what sort is it (strict Vegan? eggs and/or dairy allowed? yes fish but no white meat? etc)

    A vegetarian diet is arguably better for one's health and is undeniably easier on the planet earth's environment. Throw in a few of the other morality issues associated with meat consumption and its a wonder there aren't more vegetarians.

    I'd post an image of Dieter along with a caption about "you stupid red meat eating Americans. You divide your days between eating hot dogs and shopping at Wal Mart..." except I don't want to paint a picture that all vegetarians are like Dieter (all Dieters, however, are for the record vegetarians)

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    Quote Originally posted by Maister View post
    A vegetarian diet is arguably better for one's health and is undeniably easier on the planet earth's environment. Throw in a few of the other morality issues associated with meat consumption and its a wonder there aren't more vegetarians. ....
    Other than the fact you are not designed to just eat vegetation.

    Q: What do you call a masacre of vegetation!

    A: A harvest!
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    Jul 2007
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    While I have not gone totally vegetarian, I started eating less meat in general and more fruits and veggies in their place about a year and half ago. The result: weight loss and a stronger immune system. I read the book Eat to Live, it changed my outlook on food completely.

    Some faves of mine:
    A great vegetable medely for dinner. There are tons of frozen varieties that make for easy eating and preparation.

    Eating more beans: Many types of beans have some great health implications. I load up when I get the chance.

    Eating superfoods like citrus, blueberries as a snack.

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    Feb 2009
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    I have been some variant of vegetarian since I was about 14 years old. I spent many years as an ovo-lacto veggie. Seafood (somewhat necessarily) crept into my diet when I spent a semester in the Basque country in undergrad.

    Now I consider myself an informed consumer more than anything but I still avoid most meats. The environmental impacts of raising beef (even of the grass-fed variety) are difficult to ignore (good article on that particular issue here). I still eat eggs and drink milk... and I try my best to get the locally-sourced stuff when I can. I am not very good about sticking to my preference for local stuff when I eat out primarily because I'm too lazy and it's pretty hard. I guess I could eat chicken if I knew and trusted the farmer who raised it but it's never been a concern for me. I do eat seafood - I'm pretty picky about the species I eat and where they come from.

    The only red meat I've eaten without much hesitation is venison. I have many friends and family members who hunt respectfully. The deer population in many parts of Virginia is out of control, too. I guess the primary justification for me is there are no unnatural energy "inputs" when eating venison; deer propagate beyond their means and if we aren't going to tolerate their natural predators, we have to do something to keep them in check. Just my two cents.

    FWIW I do not evangelize about dietary stuff. I talk about my diet when people ask but I could really care less what other people eat. I find self-righteousness a lot more annoying than meat eating these days.
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    As mammals, we sport canine teeth (cuspids). That's my argument that we have genetically evolved to eat meat. (OK, let's not go there.)

    Plus, meat tastes good. (OK, let's not go there.)
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    My diet is a lot like what kalimotxo describes. I stopped eating red meat when I was 16... initially because in my school's dining hall, you could select a regular meal plan or a vegetarian meal plan, and the vegetarian meals were much better! As time went on, I found that I really didn't miss red meat. While I continued to eat chicken and turkey, I also started reading vegetarian cookbooks, which gave me plenty of recipe ideas. I discovered I really liked a lot of ethnic cuisines, like Indian, that have many veggie options. Sometime in my late 30s, I finally managed to cut chicken and turkey from my diet.

    I still eat dairy products and eggs, as well as seafood, which makes it a lot easier when dining out. I think it would be very challenging to be a strict vegan; I know few people who are able to sustain a vegan diet long-term. I do try to buy products that are locally-produced and/or organic when I can.

    Like kalimotxo, I could care less what other people eat. I would never criticize someone for eating meat... so I find it offensive when people criticize my eating habits. It's a personal choice, and sometimes people have medical issues or allergies that impact their diet.

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    The first meal I ate when I came back from South Asia was a medium rare steak, baked potato, and salad.

    I like meat.
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    Aug 2007
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    I consider myself a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I became vegetarian nearly a year ago. 95% of the reason I changed my diet was because of severe GI problems. I would become very ill if I ate meat. After nearly 5 years of being tested and doctors scratching their heads, my new doctor suggestted why don't I try a vegetarian diet. A year later I have lost some weight and at least 90% of my GI issues went away.

    The longer I have been vegetarian the more I have learned about many of the environmental and health impacts of the traditional American diet (heavy meat consumption, reliance on packaged foods, and foodstuffs shipped thousands of miles). That being said, I think what a person eats is a very personal choice and I would never criticize another persons diet. If someone thinks what I am eating looks good, I am happy to share. Anytime someone at least thinks about their diet is a good thing.

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    Jul 2007
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    If we aren't meant to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

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    Jan 2005
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    Personally I like meat... a lot. But I understand if someone chooses not to do it. I tried for a stretch, but it is just so hard to get the same nutrients without eating things that I don't find tasty.

    I have never found a tofu recipe that didn't try to hide the tofu. It just isn't really that good to me. I think that vegetarianism will be more prevalent as our scientific world better understands the human palette and umami. If I could eat tofu and think it tasted like meat... I am all about it. I have had some of the most incredible portobello "steaks". It can be done, it is just expensive and not yet prevalent. I think in time it probably will be.
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    Apr 2004
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    My favorite line:

    I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals,

    I am a vegetarian because I hate plants...

    I have dappled in some form a vegetarianism at different times in my life. My biggest issue right now is to just eat more vegetables and fruits, try to incorporate different ways of cooking them. I do like meat though and it would be tough for me to try to go without, maybe I will try a week of being a vegetarian, or perhaps a month to see what the difference would mean for me.
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