I'm looking for best practices in using some combination of MS Access and NVIVO software to organize, track, analyze, and report on public participation throughout a large-scale planning process.

Iím working on the tracking/analysis side of public participation over a very short (2.5 months, more or less) time period, during which there will be 40 community engagement meetings targeting varying geographies, communities, and topics. Prior to this period, my organization will be recommending certain types of community engagement at meetings Ė these will likely consist of video comments, short surveys/comment cards, detailed scribe notes of all meetings, and some potentially more interactive exercises depending on group size/time available/etc. Iíll be working (primarily with MS Access and NVIVO software) to track, analyze, and report on the results of these meetings (and possibly online surveys) throughout the 2.5-month process. Currently, Iím working on setting up a database/software structure to most effectively deal with processing a large amount of community input over a short period of time.

Specifically, I'm looking for any recommendations/lessons learned in dealing with NVIVO (or another software/framework for qualitative analysis) in a large-scale planning process. Thanks!