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Thread: Real estate market research associate.. how to apply it to a planning job?

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    Jun 2010
    los angeles

    Real estate market research associate.. how to apply it to a planning job?

    I have a masters in UP and BA in economics. I wanted to get a planning job right after graduation this year, but I ended up in a real estate market research job instead. We survey and forecast the market and its trends. How can I apply this job when applying for city jobs? Do you think employers would think this job is totally irrelevant in a city planning job? Thank you.

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    Jan 2006
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    Seriously though, it's all in how you sell your experience and it depends on what type of planning you are looking into. If you present that you sat in a room and sifted through spreadsheets all day, it might not be as helpful as if you sold it as you have a solid foundation in real estate requirements that aids in land use analysis on the government level. Sell that you have been doing similar work as many do in planning jobs, just with a slightly different focus. With your education, this shouldn't be all that hard of a sell. Conversely, you could highlight your analytical capabilities. Research and understand the job you're looking at, and make sure to take time to carefully apply how your abilities and experience match up.
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    May 2003
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    And to add to transguy - your education and research analysis experience could be very helpful in planning especially in the economic development niche of the field. And if you have good interpersonal skills you could do well.

    Talk to WSU MUP Student he has a job in a County planning agency and seems to do work that would be just right for someone with your education and experience. He may be able to give you some pointers.
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    Oct 2010
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    Interesting... I am trying to go the other way. Any ideas on how to market a planning degree and a lot of GIS knowledge towards real estate research and investment?

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