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Thread: Health club trip generation rates

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    Jan 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA

    Health club trip generation rates

    The ITE 8th edition suggests 3.92 trips per 1000SF. FL DOT warns that this is based on only one study. My own observations suggest rate is more like 10. Does anyone have information on ITE credibility or alternative sources for determining trip generation for a 45,000 SF, free standing full service 5AM to 12 PM health club?

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    Jul 2005
    Lone Star State
    Look at your 8th edition again, there's 5 or 6 studies for AM and PM peak hours of adjacent streets now. Peak hour of generator is showing about 4 trips per ksf. I wouldn't have a problem using those numbers. I could see it varying a lot depending on the market penetration of health clubs (e.g. the first club in an area will be swamped, but the second will cause both to regress to the mean), and even in a saturated market some clubs are just more popular than others. Around here there is one on every block (which is why I think pass-by % is high and there are only moderate numbers of new trips added to the network - people choose their club for convenience going to or from work.).

    If you have local numbers, use them, even just sitting out there for the PM peak hour will tell you something. In my experience the driveway volumes are not significantly different than any retail area, but parking spaces can be at a premium depending on what code it was built to.

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