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Thread: Alternative transportion promotion

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    Alternative transportion promotion

    Hello Cyburbia Community,
    In what ways have you seen communities try to increase awareness and promote alternative transportation methods, namely bicycling and walking. Any thoughts would be greately appreciated. Thanks!

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    Mar 2004
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    Yearly our region has a commuter challenge that is sponsored by several groups working together



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    Nov 2009
    SoDoSoPa, Colorado
    We have two Bike to Work days, one in June and one in January. The one in January is largely ignored. The one in June has several local businesses sponsoring food/rest stations.

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    Nov 2010
    The City of Mississauga has a surprisingly active (and occasionally militant) cycling community which is surprising given Mississauga's reputation as a classic bedroom suburb. Part of the reason for the active cycling community is the City's efforts to promote cycling by creating connected and complete cycling networks and organizing citizen committees.


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    Copenhagenize has a great series of posters from Tacoma promoting the bike/ped relationship with motor vehicles. (Scroll down about three postings.) But Mikel takes it a step farther and focuses on how auto manufacturers and governments have tried to demonize the bicycle by implying the danger of cycling. It's a recurring theme on the blog. Good reading. (In English, BTW).
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    Jul 2010
    St. Louis, MO
    I did a long and fairly informative post, but I think it was lost in cyberspace. I don't have a copy, so forgive any duplications; they probably won't be many.

    1. Find yourself a celebrity champion, either a very high profile media or sports personality, or an important political leader. Look around; we were surprised to see a mayor and many aids who are into cycling. These people can make a world of difference.

    2. Yes, there's Bike to Work Day annually at the end of Bike to Work Week, but bike commuting isn't necessarily the first step for someone to take, unless you're in quite a small town. So you need organized walks and rides of varying lengths all year round--well almost. Omit the 3 or 4 months of worst weather where you are. Capitalize on every major holiday. On Memorial and Labor Day, you can get lots of downtowns to close off streets so you can have a bike ride and a run/walk in a different time slot. For Thanksgiving, bring your kids and your canned goods, and feel good. For New Year's Day, a bracing walk and a hot cup of coffee. Again get a good media sponsor, non-profit sponsor, hospital, or someone with a reason to care.

    3. Set up shop at every Earth Day, green fair, sustainability expo, etc. and emphasize the extreme compatibility of walking and cycling with environmentalism.

    4. Make sure the buses and trains, if you have such, are friendly to bicycles.

    5. Along those same lines, if you have major employers, employer clusters, or colleges and universities, work with them on how to set up bike parking, even bike showers and changing facilities so people can be fresh for their day's meetings or classes. Sometimes secured bike parking can be made compatible with a bike sales and/or repair shop, and sometimes the parking and showering facilities are membership privileges.

    6. If you're a major tourist draw, set up bicycle rental if your town if safe enough. Tourists will think it's fun, as it's trendy now, and they will stir up local interest.

    7. Make a map of the best routes for walking and bicycling. Not all roads are created equally bike-friendly or pedestrian-friendly, so hire an expert or ask your citizens to collaborate on the best routes to recommend.

    8. Start biking and walking clubs in neighborhoods where community organization is strong already. Then encourage the walking or biking clubs to plan events with the next neighborhood's biking or walking club.

    9. Use the federal Safe Routes to School grants as partial ways to address infrastructure problems that deter walking and biking. Where you need a pedestrian bridge, you may able to get one for a modest investment. These barriers almost always are problems for adults too.

    10. Stress the physical fitness benefits to individuals and the public health benefits to the community of more exercise. Walking is the least expensive form of exercise and among the most widely available.

    11. It's the same thing as any other kind of style. If you want everyone to wear green pants or short skirts, you have to start talking up those things and seeing that you and yours are wearing them. Publicize, model, practice, and publicize some more.

    12. Let other political causes latch onto your walking/cycling agenda (e.g., crime reduction), or you latch onto theirs (their unwillingness to spend money to address parking problems downtown).

    That's a year's worth of work. When you finish this, write in and I'll send you some more ideas!

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