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Thread: Shapefile resources

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    Shapefile resources

    I am looking for a couple very basic polygon shapefiles. One with oceans (specifically the Atlantic Ocean) and one that has the St. Lawrence Seaway/River. The projection is not so important (I can always adjust those to meet my needs later). Does anybody have a good source for these?

    I thought those real basic types of shapefiles used to be included in the ESRI software but either it isn't anymore or we just don't have it in our office.
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    Try this

    You may have already checked this, but just in case: http://gos2.geodata.gov/wps/portal/g...lVRS82X0tfNEFF.

    I had the same trouble -- needed Pacific Ocean shapefiles -- and found it here. Not intuitive, but it should be there. Good luck.

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    Are you using 10 yet WSU?

    You can download data directly from arcgis.com now in the resource center. The world topographic map resource center probably has exactly the files you need. If not, you can browse the resource center from there.

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