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Thread: Bachelors degree studies???

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    Feb 2011

    Bachelors degree studies???

    Hello everyone!

    As you may guess I'm new here and I would really appreciate your advice, since i have no idea about these kind of things. I have already got 2 conditional offers, one from Uni Manchester and the other from Heriot Watt and both of them seem easily attainable to me. Frankly I am quite surprised that both of them were so incredibly low, that I could actually get accepted easily with my current marks. Therefore I hope and predict that the other schools I applied to, which are Sheffield, Liverpool and B'ham wouldn't place very harsh conditionals as well.
    The current dilemma is that Manchester is certainly a really big name in world (the prestigious QS World rankings), however Times and Guardian don't seem to value Manchester that much and even place Heriot Watt in similar ranking, so I guess it all depends a lot on the department. Don't know that much about the other universities, because I have to get attainable offers first. But in case if I have attainable offers in all universities, which one of those would you suggest most? And which one would you say is better for career prospects between the two- Heriot Watt or Manchester?

    Thank you in advance!!

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