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Thread: Keeping a Planning Director's sanity...?

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    Jul 2009

    Keeping a Planning Director's sanity...?

    Planning Directors of Cyburbia...how do you delegate tasks that allow you to keep your sanity and from being too immersed in the planning rather than the administration? Are you a figure head that gives a lot of authority to the planning manager/SP/PP? Are you spending a lot of your day distributing emails from the public to your junior planners for them to follow-up? Do you have automatic responses for external customers?

    I think I know what the answer will be, but does anyone have a good system down? Ideally, I'm looking for responses from directors/admins with departments of 3 or more.

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    Jan 2009
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    I can't help much, I'm only a department of 2.
    My assistant handles all the permit calls and questions, I get anything that goes over her head. We only have one phone line so she answers pretty much all the calls.
    My last job when I wasn't a director, I would get emails from the boss to "take care of this" or "find an answer for this person". That was usually more administrative stuff so he didn't have to do the research.
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    Nov 2002
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    I try to keep a few projects within my sight, usually the politically sensitive ones and the really fun and important ones. I delegate down to staff interest and ability. I am often surprised at how little interest there is from some staff in taking on the big picture projects considering how often some of them gripe that they are pigeonholed.

    I suspect some staff think I am too involved and opinionated about planning projects. But I am still an urban planner at heart and feel I have some experience to offer. I also have to live with our studies' recommendations and staff usually turns to me to figure out how to pay for or sell implementation to the political leaders, so I feel I have the right to stay involved.

    I love the occasional staff person who has the drive, the skills and the interest to take big projects by the horns.
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