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Thread: NY Times Book Review of 'Triumph of the City'

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    Jun 2003

    NY Times Book Review of 'Triumph of the City'

    How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, ≠Greener, Healthier, and Happier

    Glaeserís got some tough words for poorly reasoned public policies that feed suburban living

    thereís a lot of policy in this book, but not a lot of politics. Itís about ideas, not implementation.

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    Triumph of the City is Misguided and Inaccurate

    Just finished Triumph of the City. Bottom line- economists should not try to be city planners. Glaeser slams historic preservation and basically blames planners for stunting the growth and dynamism of cities. He makes some unbelievable statements about growth and housing affordability. In his view, new tall buildings are the cure to almost everything. As long as the city allows growth in any shape or form, everything will be hunky dory.

    Has anyone else read this book yet?????

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    I'm still in the middle of the book, but it's a good read to me thus far. I do agree with the premise that it's about ideas, not implementation.

    Does he slam historic preservation? From what I've read thus far I don't necessarily think so. "there is much worth keeping in our cities -- but it always comes at a cost", personally I agree with his thought.

    I hope to finish reading it soon.First time reading a Kindle book, using my ipod touch -- a little insane admittedly.

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    Jun 2010
    davis, ca
    He does criticize historic preservationists, and I believe rightly so. By no means does Glaeser say there is no use for historic preservation, but that there should be a limit to what is deemed worthy of preserving. Also, these limits should by no means eternally fixed as well.

    Simply put, if one believes in the laws of supply and demand, then (excessive) historical preservation has a negative effect on housing affordability.

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