Hi, my name is Patrick Wagner. I'm an undergrad college student in the San Francisco Bay area. I'm not in a major all related to urban planning. Rather, I'm a video game design student at Academy of Art University in SF.

I'm in a class where every week, we produce and try to market a new casual pc game. Even though I'm at an art school, we don't focus too much on art, but rather on making games that are fun to play and have a strong high concept. Last week I programmed a game called Transportation Rampage. The goal of the game is to clear traffic in urban areas while avoiding public transportation and pedestrians. It's meant to be a funny interpretation of the complex jobs of urban and transportation planners.

The reason I'm posting here is because I wanted to try to get feedback on my game from people like yourself actually in the field of urban and transport planning. I want to know if my game would be something you'd play if it were available on the apple or android app store for instance. Is it fun for someone like yourself in this field? The game is currently just a 10 level, one week prototype, but I'd really like to expand and improve on it based on feedback.

Below is a link to my project on gamedesignlaboratories.com. It's a site where all the game design students at the Academy of Art post their prototype games. The site has a link to the Web, Mac and PC versions of the game. The Web version plays in the browser window and just requires a plug-in called the Unity Web player, which is like flash. I appreciate how valuable your time is, so thanks in advance if you can spend 5-10 minutes checking out my game. I'm open to any and all suggestions you might have. I really value the opinions of professionals and students such as yourselves. Thank you.

Link: http://gamedesignlaboratories.com/detail.php?id=163

Sincerely, Patrick Wagner
Level Designer
web portfolio: PWGaming.com
email: pww@comcast.net