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Thread: Caltrans environmental planner interview

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    Feb 2011
    san jose, CA

    Caltrans environmental planner interview

    Does anyone have an idea how the written exam before the interview is like?
    Is it mainly technical?
    Or technical and logical?
    I would really appreciate a feedback


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    Cyburbian kltoomians's avatar
    Aug 2009
    South Bay
    The transportation planner one is a mock letter...they sit you at a computer and you write to a complainant, or something similar...I think I've taken it 5-6 times. You'd think each division would share exam results... I got an offer last summer, but they would only offer me base pay, which is much less than my very first job, and less than what I make now. I've heard, however, that they are hiring people at class C...maybe because no one was chomping at the low ball offers.

    Good luck!
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